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The extension lashes we offer are all handmade to ensure quality and consistency. In order to make sure our lashes are soft, lush, and flexible, we use high-quality PBT fiber. Each extension lash we offer is inspected for consistency in color, curl, and length. As global thought leaders and innovators in the industry, we are proud to offer the widest range of lash extensions and supplies. Eyelash Extension Supplies and Wholesale from China.

Wholesale Premade Fan

If you want to eliminate trays, premade volume fans are a great option. Our most popular sizes of premade fan lashes are available in loose form. It’s the same great volume fans, just packaged differently. For Hybrid Lash sets, these lashes work well for the classic lash. Each container contains approximately 500 fans. Check out our new wholesale premade fans here.

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Very good eye lash extension. I work with it in my own salon. Good quality, looks like ur already wearing mascara!
Linda S. Marty
These are my FAVORITE lashes to use on my clients! I do a mix between the C and D curl for extreme amounts of volume…. must buy!!!!!
Jerricka Quarles
Lashes were great. Good selection of different lengths. Also the material was not to synthetic or unrealistic. overall a great product and highly recommended
Maria Jose Romos
These eyelashes gave me the look I’ve wanted for a very long time I love the look of full lashes and the quality is fantastic! Im glad she found something with real effective results.
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